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COVID-19 Info

Thanks to OSGear’s multiple warehouses across the world, we are still able to ship to most of the countries and only several of our shipping locations are experiencing mild delays. Please contact us if you have any questions about delays or restrictions.
Currently, our warehouses operate normally and ready to prepare packages within 3-4 days, however, postal facilities may experience delays. Due to extra controls and safety measurements, shipments usually take more time than usual. We kindly beg you to understand current shipping conditions and be patient.
All our warehouses are big venues with professional and educated employees which were instructed to sanitize their work places and objects around. Even if we can hypothetically imagine that the virus molecule will somehow appear on the package or any item’s surface, it wont last there more than 3-4 days, based on current scientific reports.
To our knowledge all post offices from around the world are opened and operating normally, only exception being made by the delays and presumably reduced personnel.