Let us briefly describe several advantages you get by choosing Pharmacom Labs products!

We are a major pharmaceutical company providing pharmaceutical grade quality! Our products are manufactured in a clean room with several fully automated cutting-edge production lines with full quality control! You can see our production process with your own eyes and be ensured of our technological  process.

We possess our own testing lab and chromatography equipment, which allow us to conduct consistent analysis and monitoring of all raw powders as well as final products. Please check on video a part of the testing process:

We have our own chromatograph and Raman spectrometer for analyzing the quality of raw materials and final products. This is a cutting-edge equipment, which allows non-destructive control of products. You can see how Raman spectrometry works on these videos:

  1. We check filling settings of our production lines before we start to produce each new batch. Each ml of our oils as well as each pill contains the manifested quantity of the raw material. You can check our products in a lab and you'll be convinced of this.
  2. We add always a bit more than 10 ml oil in each vial because of the small oil amount that stays in the needle after injection. Hence, we provide virtually 10,5 ml of oil in each vial.
  3. We don`t have under dosed vials or pills! As you can see on the video above our production line is fully automated. We recheck our equipment settings before we launch each new batch. All settings for each vial or pill within one batch are equal. If one vial was underdosed, it would mean that all other vials from this batch are underdosed too, which is just impossible.
  4. We pay huge attention to preservation of health, that`s why we carefully sterilize all our oils for intramuscular injections. When using our oils you can be 100% sure you will never catch staphylococcus or any other bacteria. Please read a separate text about it below!
  5. We use 5 to 10% pharmaceutical grade ethyl oleate in our oils. As a result injections are not painful and don`t cause big lumps, etc. (Attention shall be paid only with high concentrated oils 450-600 mg/ml!). As carrier in all our vials is used grape seed oil.
  6. Our products have lot of protection elements against counterfeits, special protection codes, which can be checked in one of our website sections. You will always know whether your vial is genuine or not.
  7. Our product range has unique compounds, which most of other sources can`t offer. For example, GW1516 (increases endurance by times!); along with the regular stanozolol water suspension we produce oil-based stanozolol, which can be mixed with any oils and reduces the risk of abscesses. We offer injectable oxymetholone and methandienone (due to the missing first pass through the liver both have higher bio-availability = efficiency as compared against the oral versions). We have very interesting and extremely popular mixes line. Now we are working on several other new compounds! We work all time  on developing new forms of products and mixes or enhancing the existing formulas! Please watch the video below:


  8. We test all our products internally on our volunteers before we launch them in the market. If some problems are reported, we improve formulas and only after this start selling. You always get proven and safe product!
  9. In our vials we do not use rubber caps, which can be damaged under oil impact with time! As result tiny particles off the rubber can get off when inserting the needle and fall into oil or get into the needle causing dangerous health consequences! Instead of rubber we use silicon caps, which do not have this shortcoming and are oil-resistant!
  10. We take into account remarks of our customers. Everyone can write suggestions and ideas to us and they'll be taken into consideration! We have full support for our products and we are always available and open for questions and new ideas!
  11. Our products have one of the best and most secure design among all steroid manufacturers worldwide! All vials are supplied in original cardboard boxes with brief manuals inside. Counterfeited  Pharmacom products have been recently reported ( FAKES ) so please purchase only through authorized and licensed distributors.

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