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Tamoxi-lab - 7Lab Pharm

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DOSAGE 20-40 mg/day
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SUBSTANCE Tamoxifen Citrate,

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Tamoxi-lab is a product manufactured by a GMP authorized pharmaceutical company focused in selling Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) called 7Lab Pharm. Tamoxi-lab might be better known by bodybuilders and by any other people by its other more famous brand name – Nolvadex and that’s because both these products offer the same active ingredient – Tamoxifen Citrate.

Customers are able to save money by purchasing Tamoxi-lab compared to Nolvadex because 7Lab Pharm offers their product at a much cheaper price and in the end – you receive same high quality product – Tamoxifen.

NOTE! Tamoxifen is not a steroid in absolutely no way although is very often used by bodybuilders and competitive athletes.

Tamoxifen is a famous product among bodybuilders and other people looking for physique and performance enhancement (those using steroids) even though is a medication that is medically used to treat and prevent breast cancer. That’s because this product is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) and is working by decreasing the estrogen receptors (ERs) since is a partial agonist of these receptors. The product is used by steroid users because of these reasons – reducing the estrogenic activity in the body.

SERMs alongside with Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) are making up a wider class of drugs known as anti estrogens.Anti Estrogens are known to control the estrogen levels but the difference between the 2 class of drugs is the mechanism of action.

Getting Tamoxi-lab you would receive 50 tablets of 20 mg each with high quality and pure Tamoxifen Citrate.

What Does Nolvadex Do? | Tamoxifen Mechanism of Action | How Does Tamoxifen Work?

As mentioned earlier Tamoxifen Citrate (found in Nolvadex, Tamoxi-lab and other trade names products) is acting as a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) meaning that is inhibiting the estrogen receptors. The product is working mostly as anti estrogenic in breasts and this is the main reason why in clinical settings is used to prevent or as a treatment of breast cancer that is hormone receptive (breast cancer due to high estrogen levels) and for bodybuilders as a gynecomastia treatment.

Steroid users are prone to high estrogen levels because of the aromatization of those steroids. This is true for aromatizable compounds as not all steroids are converting to estrogens. But a lot of steroids such as Dianabol, Equipoise, Testosterone and others are highly aromatizable meaning they convert into estrogens.

This is the moment when steroid users need Tamoxifen Citrate for blocking the action of estrogen and not developing estrogenic side effects including gynecomastia. Nonetheless, Tamoxifen can be an estrogen antagonist on certain areas of the body and this means that estrogenic effects can be enhanced in other areas of the body than breasts.

This product also can be used for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). The steroids are also known to inhibit the natural testosterone production by sending the user’s LH levels to almost zero. Tamoxifen is known to stimulate the hypophysis in order to release more gonadotropins. Gonadotropins are stimulating faster and higher release of FSH and LH. As a result of this, the total testosterone levels rise up because your body starts to produce enough testosterone levels on its own.

How to Take Nolvadex? | Tamoxi-lab / Tamoxifen Administration | Tamoxifen Dosage

Tamoxifen citrate is believed to have a half life anywhere between 5 to 7 days and that’s why we would suggest a reference point of 7 days. This means that a daily dose is going to be more than enough. Some people use it on an every other day basis and that’s still enough to keep stable blood levels.

If you’re getting prescribed Tamoxifen by your doctor for whatever the reason, use this product exactly as recommended by your doctor. Don’t use more or less. However, if you’re using it for physique and performance purposes then the dosage depends on what exactly you need, personal tolerance as well as steroid cycle (what steroids used, how much time, dosage of steroids etc.).

If you’re looking for Tamoxifen for PCT, most people find it very effective at the dosage anywhere between 10 to 40 mg a day or every other day. They very rarely need anything more. Usually bodybuilders use 40 mg for the first 2 weeks of PCT and 20 mg for the last 2 weeks of PCT out of a total of 4 weeks.

If you need it for gynecomastia treatment then a dose anywhere between 20 to 80 mg a day is going to be enough.

We would recommend starting slowly for whatever the reason – 10 mg or maximum 20 mg every other day. Get the dosage higher until you feel you are doing good.

Tamoxifen Side Effects | Side Effects of Tamoxifen Citrate – Tamoxi-lab

Tamoxifen is considered pretty safe in terms of side effects but it doesn’t mean is completely side effects free. Some of the most common side effects reported out of using Tamoxifen are stomach issues, headaches and hot flashes. Reducing the dosage is often helpful.

Tamoxifen is also considered pretty hepatotoxic and that’s why, reducing liver stress (avoiding alcohol, OTC drugs) is recommended. Side effects related with libido are very strange because some people report it reduces libido while others report the product increases libido.

There might be other side effects related with Tamoxifen use. Better start slowly just to make sure you’re tolerating the drug well.

Where to Buy Nolvadex For Sale? | Buy Tamoxifen – Tamoxi-lab

Nolvadex is the same product as Tamoxi-lab but Tamoxi-lab by 7Lab Pharm is a much more affordable product having a much lower price. That’s because these 2 products are offering the exact same active ingredient known as Tamoxifen Citrate. You can purchase this product of a very high quality directly from this page on our website OSGear for receiving the best price for Tamoxifen product.

Tamoxifen Citrate is very famous for bodybuilders (steroid users) because of its abilities to fight off with a nasty side effect among steroid users – gynecomastia and to help steroid users get their natural hormone production back to normal after a steroid cycle.


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