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Anadrol or Oxymethanol was first introduced as a drug which has several therapeutic benefits. However, it did not take long for the fitness enthusiasts to recognize this drug as a potential game changer when it comes to enhancing performance issues and it has looked back ever since.

An oral anabolic steroid hailed as the strongest of all anabolic steroid in existence, this has some major advantages and obviously some disadvantages, most of which can be controlled if used properly.

Features and effects of Anadrol 50

This is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone with enhanced anabolic activity. This is one of the few anabolic steroids which can be swallowed, thanks to some structural changes in its molecular chain. It is very convenient to administer and yet extremely powerful.

As a premier mass building steroid, it provides rapid mass building activities and results are fast and spectacular. Often used in the first phase of bodybuilding it provides both muscle and stamina to the user. 

Stacking it with base steroids, like Testosterone makes these changes more permanent in nature.

When used in the middle of the cycle, it kicks to start the process again and an individual successfully scales up the ladder to enter final phase.

Advanced users often use it in cutting phase to get the perfect look below 6% body fat level with no loss in strength or show.

Dosage and Side effects of Anadrol 50

This drug is to be taken daily, 50 mg each for 4-6 weeks. The time frame must not be exceeded due to its hepatotoxic nature. 

Anadrol does not aromatize but has estrogenic side effects. So proper stacking with anti-estrogenic drugs is necessary. It also has androgenic (relatively low) and cardiovascular side effects. Its negative effect on the liver is very prominent, so dosage and proper food habit are extremely important while using this.

Anadrol 50 can do wonder if used properly and its transformation capability is nothing less than a scientific wonder.

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