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Description- Anavar also known as Oxandrolone is chiefly used by individuals so that they can regain the weight that they might have lost because of certain ailments like trauma, chronic infection, vital surgery, etc. This supplement falls under the category of anabolic steroids, the same drug that is used to produce male hormones.


Function or Traits- Anavar is also known as Oxandrolone is utilized specifically for increasing a hormone’s anabolic activity. As a therapeutic agent, this supplement also has been used to treat osteoporosis and hepatitis. It certainly can promote growth in disabled children. Apart from this, in the present times, Anavar is used by athletes for enhancing their performances.

Precautions- Although, in today’s era, every athlete is using Anavarso that they can improve their workout sessions, enduring capacities and thus, enter into the optimal performing zones. However, one must consult with a doctor before using the concerned drug. One should get a thorough diagnosis, in order to know whether he is suffering from lung, kidney or heart issues.

Effects- Anavar is noted for having a series of beneficial effects and some of them are mentioned as follows:

·         Preserves lean muscle mass.

·         Maximizes speed, strength, agility and endurance.

·         Enhances vascularity.

Dosage- The proper dosage for Anavar50 is 80mg to 100mg or 40mg to 60mg. One must remember to take breaks after every 6 to 8 weeks. Do talk with your doctor as he can state the appropriate dosage that would go well with your health conditions.

Side-effects- Not following the above-mentioned dosage might lead to some unnecessary side-effects. Some of them are as follows:

·         Nausea

·         Oily skin

·         Headache

·         Acne

·         Hair loss and subsequent baldness.

·         Skin color changes.

·         Vomiting.

·         Loss of libido.

Administration-After proper consultation with a medical professional, Anavar50 could be consumed orally for 2 to 4 times per day and that too with proper food and milk.

Storage- It would be better if you can keep this supplement away from heat and moisture. Some consumers do keep Anavar in their refrigerator.

Buy- While a large number of brick-and-mortar drugstores banned Anavar50, there are certain online outlets, where one can purchase them at an affordable price.

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