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Substance: Testosterone Suspension
Pack: 5 x 1 ml x 50 mg/ml
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Product Description

Aquatest from Balkan Pharmaceuticals company – a drug that is an injectable form of Testosterone Suspension. It is water based, as well as the pure hormone without esterification. This steroid has a strong androgenic effect on the body, as well as less pronounced anabolic. This drug is one of the most powerful and effective in building mass and strength.

This anabolic’s feature is that it quickly absorbed into the blood, due to its simple structure. That’s why it is good for those who need it as soon as possible to get the effect.

Aquatest is suitable for use immediately before the competition, as already the next day after receiving it can not be found on the doping control.

Aquatest Effects

            increase in muscle mass;
            improved nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism;
            muscle relief;
            improved power performance.

This drug may cause side effects such as acne, baldness, gynecomastia. Aquatest also leads to the accumulation of water in the body. All this is due to the high androgenic activity of the steroid, flavoring risk. However, it is worth noting that this drug does not have a strong negative effect on the liver, but an overdose can have a hepatotoxic effect.

How to Use Aquatest: Dosage, Cycle, PCT

Since beginning to use this steroid, it should be remembered that it has a small half-life. This is the reason why the Balkan Pharmaceuticals Aquatest must be injected often enough. You need to do an injection every day, and it is allowed to use up to 2-3 times a day if necessary. The daily dose should be about 50-100 mg. Decision to buy Aquatest should be based on the fact that the duration of the cycle is usually about 5-6 weeks. The first results a bodybuilder will notice within a few days of the cycle.

About Aquatest reviews talk about the possibility of skin reactions at the injection site, because the injection is better to do at different points.

Women are usually advised to not take this anabolic because of its androgenic activity, but in some cases there may be exceptions. Then, the drug should be administrated out strictly under the supervision of a specialist.

Aquatest Combination Cycles

For many will be useful information about possible combinations of Aquatest with other drugs. To achieve better results, in addition to anabolic Aquatest, one can buy some more. It is worth considering a few examples of such combinations:

For beginners, you can buy Trenbolone Acetate, Dianabol and Aquatest. The whole cycle is designed for 8 weeks. In the first four of them it should be used daily 100 mg of Suspension and 50 mg of Trenbolone Acetate. From 5 to 8 week last drug dose should be increased to 100 mg, also one may buy Methandrostenolone to be used at 45 mg daily. Suspension injections at this time are not done. This cycle is very effective.

To increase the power rates without weight gain, along with Aquatest can buy Winstrol as well as Halotestin. Such a combination will contribute to making the hardness of muscles.

Within 5 weeks should be used daily 20 mg Halotestin. Aquatest as Winstrol are put in the same hours every two days. PCT is necessarily. From the third week, you should buy Clomid at the rate of 150 mg. The dose is reduced to 100 mg at the fourth and fifth week.

You can buy Anavar, Trenbolone Acetate. This cycle lasts 6 weeks. Trenbolone Acetate and Suspension are taken during the first 3 weeks at 50 and 100 mg per day, respectively. Oxandrolone is drunk every day throughout the cycle at 80 mg.

Also, before taking it will be useful to know the following information:

            to reduce the risk of side effects, you should not forget about anti-estrogens (Nolvadex, Proviron), it is necessary to take them from the first day of the cycle;
            injections are painful enough, that’s why at the same time it is recommended to prick vitamin B12, to reduce these unpleasant sensations;
            if the use of B12 does not work, you can try to use of procaine and lidocaine;
            can be mixed in the same syringe Suspension and other water-based preparations;
            if you are planning a long cycle, it is recommended to also include Gonadotropin.

Aquatest Reviews

Before you buy this steroid, it is interesting to learn about it from people who have already used it. So, about Aquatest, reviews suggest that this drug is effective and helps to achieve good results. Athletes recommend to strictly abide the dosage without exceeding it. It is also noted that Aquatest price is quite accessible.

Bodybuilders notice that this steroid considerably strengthens motivation. Athletes recommend this anabolic in preparation for a competition.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. For adults only.

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