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Description-Aromasin is a well-known medication that is used by women, who have just hit their menopause. The drug lowers estrogen levels and also alleviates the growth of breast tumors.

Functions and Traits-Also known as exemestane, Aromasin is a great drug that could be effectually used to treat breast cancers. It is also given to women, who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapies. There are exceptional benefits of this drug, which have led to its immense popularity among larger segments of patients.

Effects-Well, apart from used by women suffering from cancers, this drug is also used by bodybuilders and athletics. They specifically use Aromasin, just like any other anabolic steroid, in order to preserve their lead muscle mass and for enhancing their performance levels.

Dosage-The recommended dosage for cancer patients is 25mg daily after a full-course meal. Appropriate dose for men would be 50mg. They could increase the amount only after consulting with the doctor.

Precautions-It is better to use the drug after you have been thoroughly diagnosed by a medical professional. One must not use Aromasin if one is suffering from the following conditions:

·         In case you are pregnant or thinking of conceiving.

·         If you are still having your menstruation.

·         If you are suffering from liver, kidney or heart issues.

Side-Effects- Some of the minor reactions include:

·         Headaches.

·         Fatigue.

·         Joint aches.

·         Insomnia.

·         Excessive perspiration.

One must seek professional assistance if the following conditions occur or tend to persist and get worse:

·         Excruciating bone pain.

·         Breathing troubles.

·         Swelling of hands and feet.

·         Sudden numbness.

·         Slurry speech.

·         Loss of vision.

·         Chest pain.

·         Extreme weakness.

Administration- Aromasin is readily available in the form of pills or tablets and you are required to take one each day after meal. One needs to take this medication for at least 5 years with necessary breaks, in order to get best results.

Storage- Store the drug in the refrigerator just like any other medication, away from heat and moisture.

Buy- You can buy Aromasin from the varied online outlets, where they are available at an affordable price.

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