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Product Description

Decan P 150 or Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is another ester attached version of hormone Nandrolone. This Steroid has come to the limelight in more recent times but it is already gaining popularity because of the practically beneficial aspect it boasts off.

What and how? Read on to find out...

 Features and effects of Decan P 150

Decann P 150 is an injectable steroid and it is very effective when it comes to having the punch. This drug has a shorter ester attached in its molecular chain and starts acting extremely fast, must faster than its longer ester attached Deca version.

So it has all the green lights which the hormone Nandrolone has to offer- increasing bone density and muscle strength, increasing RBC counts, giving a boost to strength and stamina and giving the user the toned yet muscle pronged look he has so much work for.

All these and more and yet it goes out of body far faster than its other Deca (Decanoate) version. So, athletes on a faster cycle find it far more useful.

Dosage and Side Effects of Decan P 150

In the circle of performers, the dosage is 300-400 Mg per week. However, a dose of 100-200 Mg/ week is enough, to begin with. Female users should not use more than 50Mg/ week if Virilization symptoms are to be avoided.

This drug counts low in side effects than other common steroids based on Testosterone. However possible side effects, in the case of abuse or overuse, may include Gynecomastia and water retention along with other cardiovascular problems to be brief.This drug suppresses natural secretion of Testosterone and a Post Cycle Therapy is required to get the best out of it.
Decan P 150 is a modern drug with practical capabilities to help you perform better than ever before.

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