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Description- Dianabol is an exceptional drug that is primarily used by professional athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders to enhance their performance levels. It is noted for providing optimal results and that too within short periods. If you want to improve your energy and desire for a well-toned body, Dianabol stands to be the ideal drug for you.

Functions or Traits- Dianabol is beneficial as it enhances strength and boosts the power of endurance and recovery. However, to truly relish the advantages, you need to use it along with other steroids like equipoise, masterone, and trenbolone.

Precautions- In order to avoid the unnecessary side-effects, one must use Dianabol only after consulting with the doctor. He would thoroughly diagnose you and let you known whether this supplement is safe for you or not.

Effects- Dianabol stands to be an excellent supplement that one can use to gain weight and have a muscular physique. Research has shown that this drug could allow a user to acquire at least 30 to 40 pounds within a distinct time period of 4 to 8 weeks. A large number of users did admit that they were able to get bulky and impressive muscles, enhance workout sessions and improve enduring capacities just by using this drug.

Dosage-Dianabol must be consumed in proper dosages if one wishes to escape the detrimental reactions. The apt dose for beginners would be 25mg straight for 4 weeks. One can increase the dose only after consulting with a medical professional. Also make sure to take breaks.

Side-effects- Some of the most common side-effects that may occur on overusing or misusing Dianabol are:

·         Enlargement of male breasts.

·         Water retention.

·         Bloating.

·         Increase in cholesterol and blood pressure.

·         Liver issues

Administration- Although initially the supplement was readily available in injectable forms, in the recent times, one can get them as tablets or pills. Doctors advise one to consume this drug only with proper nutritious food.

Storage-Just like all other anabolic steroids, it is better to keep Dianabol in a refrigerator away from all heat and moisture.

Buy- While you would most surely get Dianabol in all physical drugstores, it is better of you buy the drug from online outlets, where it is readily available at a reasonable price.

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