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Description-Femara is another exceptional drug that is basically used by women, who have just hit their menopause and are suffering from breast cancers at the same time. This medication lowers the estrogen levels so that the tumors could stop developing.

Functions and Traits-Femara is basically a wonder drug that could effectually treat breast tumors. It is generally consumed along with other anabolic steroids like tamoxifen- Nolvadex and Soltamox.

Effects-Femara is exceptionally beneficial more than all other anabolic steroids because it can treat breast cancers as well as alleviate all the symptoms, side-effects of chemotherapies quite effectually.

Dosage-The apt dosage would be 2.5mg. One needs to consume the pill for at least 5 years with necessary breaks.

Precautions-It is better to consult the doctor before you decide to consume this drug. Watch out for the following conditions as Femara might worsen them.

·         Osteoporosis.

·         Liver issues.

·         High cholesterol.

·         Heart diseases.

Also avoid the drug if you are pregnant or still having your menstruation.

Side-effects-Misusing or overusing Femara might cause some adverse side-effects and some of them are mentioned as follows:

·         Dizziness.

·         Exhaustion.

·         Drowsiness.

·         Bone pain.

·         Muscle aches.

·         Joint pain.

·         Hot flashes (specifically on the face and chest).

·         Swelling of hands and feet.

·         Excessive weight gain.

·         Rashes.

·         Redness and a tingly feeling all over the body.

Consult a doctor and seek his assistance if the aforementioned reactions do not ease down on their own.

Administration-The medication is readily available in the form of tablets and should be consumed with proper meals.

Storage-Storing Femara is much easy now. Just like other anabolic steroids, you can keep this medication in the refrigerator, away from all heat and moisture.

Buy- Want to buy Femara and relish its benefits? Well, you can get this drug easily on the various online pharmacies and that too at an affordable price.

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