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Masto E 200 - the final card in pack

Masto E 200 or Drostanolone Enanthate is a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic steroid served as an intramuscular injectable. Extremely popular among professional bodybuilders for its cutting abilities, it is a must for every bodybuilder, be it professional or amateur, who is on the final stage of building his dream physique and looking for shedding the last bit of fat from his body to achieve the lean and hard look.


Features and effects of Masto E 200


This steroid is the only steroid that possesses anti-estrogenic capability.

This DHT based steroid has Enanthate ester attached in its molecular chain that acts as a timing tool. Combined effect of these two produces some rare but very useful traits:

Lowering of estrogen level gives defined harder look when one is on his cutting phase and also keeps the risk of other effects such as Gynecomastia and storage of body fluids at bay.

Also, athletes looking for gaining strength without getting bulky, this steroid is a perfect choice. A feature often overlooked, this steroid can seriously help in increasing metabolism and nutrition cycle without letting the user get a truckload of bulk for this. Helping in an individual's recovery and increase in endurance level are two invaluable gains that this steroid can provide.


Dosage and Side Effects of Masto E 200


As a member of the anabolic androgenic steroid family, it carries chances of side effects. Though in the case of this steroid, the chances are on the fairly lower side. When medically evaluated, its side effects on liver, blood cholesterol level is very low. It does not aromatize, so its score up at that point too. The only visible negative side effect is hair loss. However, it is only severe when baldness is in heredity.


Masto E 200 is mild when it comes to negative effects but is extremely useful for selective purposes. Available online at all leading stores. Give yourself that defined look you have worked so hard for.


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