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Product Description

Masto P 100 or Drostanolone Propionate is an anabolic Steroid derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The use of it had begun as an essential component to fighting breast cancer in women but it is now often considered the essential companion in professional body building. Why? Let’s dig into that.


Features and effects of Masto P 100

 This hormone is derived by making a change in the DHTs molecular structure- adding a methyl group in Carbon 2 position and then attaching an ester with it. This allows the drug to stay protected from getting digested by enzymes and gives it better effectiveness. Practically this is the only hormone that is strong anti-estrogenic in nature. 

Estrogenic Side Effects Are Out Of The Question.

On positive effects, Masto P 100 has many in its sleeve. Apart from being lower in side effects, it is extremely useful in giving the final lean cut to a bodybuilders muscle when he is in cutting phase. However, the effect is more prominent when the individual is already considerably low in body fat. It also enhances strength, so any athlete under strict diet plan may find it very useful. Bulking effect of this drug is considerably lower, and it is more useful as a shaping agent than a building agent.


Dosage and Side Effects of Masto P 100


As an anabolic steroid, this has some side effects but the degree of them is very low while compared to other potent steroids like Testosterone. While free from any estrogenic side effects, it has potential androgenic side effects like acne, hair loss etc. It also has the negative impact on blood cholesterol level so regular monitoring of that is necessary.


Masto P 100 is an injectable intramuscular steroid, able to give you the final prominence in the look that you have always deserved.

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