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Product Description

Buy Oxymetholon and enjoy the anabolic effects on your pumped up body

Anabolic steroid are used for increasing muscle mass and helping the body to gain more weight. Oxymetholon is used or increasing the muscle mass among the patients who are dealing with anemia, osteoporosis and many other muscle reducing diseases. However, after a certain period it was used as anabolic tablets. It may help the body builders to gain about 5 to 7 kg body mass within a short period.

This is a high anabolic steroid used for aster effects on athletes. The faster effects may also create some problems with hepatic reactions among the users. Oxymetholon may help to gain more weight but if not supported by calories, it may not help the users gain more body mass.


The average dosage of this steroid is 50 to 150mg per day. This dosage may be exceeded but that would expose the body for more devastating side effects. The steroid hardens the body by high water retention. This may put more pressure on the usual activities of the kidneys and pose serious threat to the renal functions.

How it works

It increases the RBC counts which ensure more oxygen in the body cells. More oxygen would support the usual activities of the body and also help to store energy as well. That is why the users feel more energetic after injecting Oxymetholone. The steroid cycle of Oxymetholon should be continued for about 6 weeks but it would be better not to exceed that wishing a better result.

Side effects

Hepatic side effects are the most serious effects of Oxymetholon which can be life-threatening at one point of time. Increasing RBC may also increase the blood pressure level. People should be aware about its liver toxicity and anyone with previous history of liver problems should consult with the physicians before taking Oxymetholon.

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