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Primo 100 or Methenolone Acetate is a unique anabolic steroid that is often considered mildest among all the anabolic steroids now in practice and yet very helpful in its positive capabilities. It is oral in use and extremely user-friendly.

Features and effects of Primo 100

Primo 100 is an altered version of DHTs (Dihydrotestosterone). It has an Acetate ester joined in its molecular chain that protects it from being digested by the liver and its altered molecular chain (addition of methyl and a double bond in carbon1 & 2) makes it highly anabolic in nature.

  This drug has many positive side effects on our body- extremely used in treating malnutrition among children, this product needless to say thus, increases nutrition, digestive and assimilating power and fights muscle wasting issues very successfully. It has a very strong affinity to the androgen receptors and directly promotes lipolysis. So it increases strength but decreases unwanted fat. It also Increases Red Blood Cell counts and nitrogen retention. Another very positive side of this drug is its effect on our immunity system- it vitalizes our immunity system and works as the boon to the athletes who are working it out very hard on during cutting phases.
Dosage and Side Effects of Primo 100
This drug has no estrogenic or cardiovascular side effects. Androgenic side effects like hair loss or acne may occur but in very lower magnitude.

It poses no harm to the liver, at least there is no medical data available to support that it does so. However, it suppresses natural secretion of Testosterone so a post cycle therapy is necessary to make the most out of it. 100- 150 mg/ day is the most used dosage, though female users should use the lower dosage. This drug produces lower virilization symptoms, so female users use it very widely.
Primo 100 is the friendliest anabolic steroid available in oral form.

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