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Description-Superdrol, also known as Methyldrostanolone, is a popular anabolic steroid with an exclusive history. It was never been labeled as a controlled substance, rather the drug managed to occupy a strong footing on the all-encompassing medical sectors. Innovated in the year 1959, this drug was also misused by the athletes and hence was eventually was banned.

Function or Traits-Superdrol is a structural alteration of Drostanolone. There is nothing remarkable about this medication. Just like other drugs, it is also noted for enhancing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Apart from that an increase in strength, stamina and red blood cells count could also be counted as one of the major functions of this drug.

Effects-The drug is noted for transforming the overall body. Although marketed as a mass builder, this supplement is stands to be much beneficial as a cutting steroid. Preserving the lean muscle tissue, the drug is best for the sportspersons because it enable them to perform optimally, increase their recovery power and also let them indulge in rigorous workout sessions.

Dosage-Males could use this drug for 6 to 8 weeks and the apt dosage is 10mg to 20mg. Although one can surely increase the range but anything above 30mg is declared as harmful.

Precautions-Superdrol is more or less a decent steroid with maximum benefits. However, it is better if one consults with the doctor before using it. A medical professional would diagnose a person thoroughly and let him know whether the medication would be safe or not.

Side-effects-Some of the common side-effects that may occur on overusing Superdrol are as follows:

·         Water retention.

·         Gynecomastia.

·         Acne.

·         Hair loss and subsequent baldness.

·         Heart and liver issues.

·         Loss of libido.

·         Virilization, deepening of voice and clitoral enlargement in females

Administration-The supplement is found in the form of capsule stacks and must be consumed with proper food.

Storage-Just like all other anabolic steroids; you can certainly store Superdrol in the refrigerator.

Buy-Purchase Superdrol easily from the varied online platforms, which offer all kinds of anabolic steroids at an affordable price.


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