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Description- Tamoxifen is a popular anabolic steroid primarily used in hormone therapy. It has managed to garner immense popularity all across the globe because the supplement could cure or at least alleviate the risks of breast and ovarian cancers. This drug is also prescribed for the individuals, who have gone through radiation therapies or any sort of major surgery. Studies have shown that it can speed up the healing procedures.

Functions or Traits-Tamoxifen is specifically known for blocking or at least lowering the levels of estrogen and in turn reducing the chances of cancer (especially breast cancer) in both men and women.

Precautions- Mentioned below are some conditions when you must avoid this supplement.

·         Tamoxifen must completely be avoided if a woman is pregnant as this supplement could put the life of an unborn baby in danger.

·         You must not use this supplement of you are prone to allergies and have an issue of blood clotting.

·         Individuals suffering from liver conditions, triglycerides and have a history of strokes or cataracts must avoid tamoxifen.

·         If you are using this supplement, in order to control breast cancer, then you need to take the first dosage at the beginning of your menstrual cycle.

·         Tamoxifen could cause some serious side-effects, thus, it should always be used after consulting with a doctor

Effects- Tamoxifen is specifically noted for alleviating the risks of breast cancers. However, it is also popular among the athletes. If and when used with other anabolic steroids, it can improve the performances of athletes.

Dosage- Tamoxifen is to be consumed in the following three doses- 10mg to 20mg. Make sure to take necessary breaks.

Side-effects- Not following the required dosage would surely lead to some harmful side-effects and some of them are as follows:

·         Loss of sexual urges

·         Vaginal discharges.

·         Hot flashes.

·         Fluid retention.

·         Vaginal bleeding.

·         Nausea.

·         Excess weight loss.

·         Mood swings.

·         Menstrual irregularities.

Administration- Tamoxifen is readily available in the form of pills or tablets, which are to be swallowed whole with one glass of water. Patients are advised to take the medication at the same time every day. In case you miss a dosage, do not try to manage it by taking double measures the next day.

Storage- The drug could be easily stored in one’s refrigerator so that unnecessary heat and moisture does not destroy it.

Buy- Other than physical drugstores, one can also buy tamoxifen from online outlets, where all the anabolic steroids are readily available at an affordable price.

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