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Testo C 250 or Testosterone Cypionate is the synthetic version of Testosterone naturally created in the human body as the prime male sex hormone and is naturally associated with all major male characteristics- muscle, power, drive, attitude and everything else that defines a man. This is one of the most widely used hormones in the field of professional bodybuilding.
Features and effects of Testo C 250

This hormone is highly anabolic and androgenic in nature and produces multiple benefits for athletic and therapeutic users while used properly.

It helps to metabolize more in order to gain more- muscle mass and strength. The high androgenic rating means it has the closest affinity to androgen receptors and it helps in nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Athletes, using this hormone in rather higher dosage, display massive gain in strength since this hormone improves motor neurons in our muscles and develops better neuromuscular transmissions. It also increases stamina and endurance paving the way to more fruitful workouts day by day.

Testosterone Cypionate improves the rate of fat loss through improvement in metabolic activity and promotes muscle building at a faster rate. Even more, energy gets supplied to our muscles and fatigue becomes a rarer occurrence under the effect of this drug.

Net net, almost every positive sides of anabolic steroids use can be covered while using this hormone in a proper way.
Dosage and Side Effects of Testo C 250
For most of the users, one injection per week is enough, however, in the case of aggressive body builders, splitting the standard dose into equally sized smaller dose is a common practice.

Bigger dosage obviously gives bigger rewards but also paves way for more side effects.

For male users, this is an easy to tolerate hormone but female athletes should refrain from using it due to its greater virilization effects. Estrogenic symptoms like breast enlargement, water retention may occur to male users but the use of anti-estrogenic hormones and other support drugs can easily control that.
It is a wonderful drug when it comes to the basic of body building.

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