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Product Description

Description: Testo Cypmax or Testosterone Cypionate is an anabolic injectable version of Testosterone hormone naturally produced in a male body- only modified and much stronger in effect.

 Functions & Traits: Highly anabolic and androgenic hormone by nature, its functions are swift and widespread. Extremely bound with androgenic receptors, this promotes high nitrogen in muscle tissues and activates satellite cells that, in turn, promote repairing of damaged tissues.

Precautions to be followed while using TESTO CYPMAX: Male athletes should have a proper diet chart and Post Cycle Therapy in place to make most of this amazing product. Females should not use this particular product. Also, the cholesterol level in blood must be determined before using this product.

Effects of TESTO CYPMAX: Users find it extremely helpful in building enormous and well-carved muscles as Testosterone not only retains nitrogen in muscles but also improves fat burning. Improved sex drive, increased life expectancy and many more positive impacts it has in our body when properly used.

The dosage of TESTO CYPMAX: An injection of 200mg/ week to 1000mg/week is the range that is commonly taken by athletes while using it to increase performance. Exact dosage depends upon one's pre-usage physical conditions and objective of use.

Side Effects of TESTO CYPMAX: This is an extremely well-tolerated version of Testosterone and most men use it without any fuss. However, the list of problems while abused includes gynecomastia and water retention, acne and more.

TESTO CYPMAX) Administration: This product is available in injection form only. So accompaniment of a certified doctor is necessary for taking this and for observation purpose thereafter.

Storage of TESTO CYPMAX: This product should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture heat and direct sunlight.

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