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Testo E 400 or Testosterone Enanthate is ideal for bodybuilders looking to build intense muscles and develop extreme strength in their muscles. It is a drug neither for the faint hearted nor for any lucid purpose. This is a synthetic and obviously more powerful version of Testosterone hormone naturally produced in our body. It gives or replenishes every bodily desire a male can ever crave for and then some more.
Features and effects of Testo E 400
Testosterone Enanthate is a modified version of Testosterone hormone- the most common and most popular hormone in professional bodybuilder circles. The modified version has a long singular ester attached with it to prolong release time and gain control over the effectiveness of the hormone over a certain period of time. Testo E 400 is more powerful than any normal Testosterone Enanthate. It provides an intense push to those effects which are most effective in a case of a professional body builder and perhaps not so much important to a person suffering from low testosterone syndrome- he may find it over useful because of its strength and effectiveness.

It provides all the benefits of any Testosterone Enanthate - better nitrogen retention, better protein synthesis and thus greater muscle building, faster loss of unwanted fat, increased appetite and stamina and so on. It also produces effective protection from mental stress. Only its effects are visible faster and in a more clearly drawn out curves.
Dosage and Side Effects of Testo E 400
High dosage means better effects, right? Sorry, perhaps not so in this case. This drug is already a calibrated version of the normal genre. An intramuscular injection every other week should be enough. Professionals also break the actual dosage into smaller equal and more frequent dosages to get the desired result faster.
Abuse of this drug may lead to symptoms like breast enlargement, water retention in the body, high blood pressure and acne and hair loss.

This drug is a strict NO for women.
Testo E 400 is a very powerful drug crafted for faster body building.

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