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Product Description

Description: Testo Enan 1 or Testosterone Enanthate is one of the most popular and extremely affordable performance enhancing steroids in the globe. Armed with a slow release, this is clearly the winner over last 20 years or more!

Functions & Traits:  In this product, a delay release function, thanks to the Ester or Suspension attached with it- gives it the desired time to function after injecting into the human body and decreases the requirement of frequent intake. It is a slow acting release form of commonly found Testosterone.

Precautions to be followed while using Testo Enan 1: This product is available in injectable form only. So take your certified physician along with you while you are taking this product. A Post Cycle Therapy and prebuilt diet chart will help to make most of it.

Effects of Testo Enan 1: Positive effects of this product is many- increased nitrogen retention, increased protein synthesis, better libido (or desire to live if we may call it), less fat, better red blood cell count are all on the list. There is no easier and more used way than this while the matter of body building comes.

The dosage of Testo Enan 1: Dosage for a normal person suffering from low testosterone level will be limited to 100-200 mg /week. In the case of performance enhancement, the common dosage is 200-500mg / week.

Side Effects of Testo Enan 1:  It is one of the friendliest steroid and body gets accustomed to it very soon. However, a problem like a breast enlargement (in the case of males), water retention and acne may occur in the case of abuse or overuse.

Testo Enan 1 Administration: This product is injectable only. Administer it in the supervision of a certified person to avoid the hazard of misuse.

Storage of Testo Enan 1:  Store it in a cool and dry place (not too cool though- 25 to 32 degree C), away from direct heat or moisture, to avoid complications.

Buy Testo Enan 1: This amazing product Testo Enan 1, is produced and marketed by MaxTreme pharma and available online. Start doing it now! Buy it now online!

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