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Product Description

Description: Testo Non 1 is a Testosterone Blend or to put it in simpler words, a combination of four (4) testosterones. This makes it highly effective as a body building drug and extremely popular.

Functions & Traits:  This is a blend of four testosterones: propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate. This combination enables this drug to be quick and effective and ensures maximum quality.  But such combination makes it a very dose specific drug too.

Precautions to be followed while using Testo Non 1: People allergic to synthetic Testosterone should refrain from using it or use it in much lower dosage. Women pregnant or planning to be pregnant or lactating should avoid this drug. People with sinus problem should consult their physician before trying this drug.

Effects of Testo Non 1: Testo Non 1 improves the quality of life in all tangible aspect- increased the desire to eat, love and exercise is some of them. For athletes or bodybuilders, this drug is useful both in the cutting and bulking phase. It offers everything that a normal Testosterone supplement offers and more- 4 times better than a normal dose.

The dosage of Testo Non 1:  Dosage is the big concern when this particular drug is concerned. The dosage ranges from 250Mg/ week to 1000Mg/ week.  The first level is effective for beginners or people with low testosterone syndrome and the last dose is sufficient for even the most advanced bodybuilder in the arena.

Side Effects of Testo Non 1:  Biggest side effects come from the aromatizing nature of this drug- enlargement of breast or water retention in the body may occur.

Testo Non 1 Administration: Testo Non 1 is an injectable drug. Post Cycle Therapy, proper diet plan and stacking of anti-estrogenic steroids are necessary for proper use of this drug. Blood cholesterol level must be checked frequently while using this drug.

Storage of Testo Non 1:  Store this product at a comfortable temperature (20 - 30 degree C) and away from direct sunlight.

Buy Testo Non 1: Testo Non 1 is a highly appreciated product of MaxTreme Pharma and available online at all reputed sites.

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