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Product Description

Steroid profile

Testoterone propionate is a chemically prepared form of simple testosterone bound with a propionic acid with an ester bond or ester linkage. Propionic acid is bonded to the 17-beta hydroxyl group of testosterone structure. Esterified anabolic steroids are more popular as fat solublizers and get released from the site of injection. It is the shortest estered testosterone with a slower rate of release or more half-life of about 4 and half days. Testosterone promotes the nitrogen retention capacity in the muscles and thus it helps in more protein storage that results into larger differentiating mass. It also increases the IGF-1 levels that co-ordinate growth and metabolism.

Why to use

Testosterone propionate has found large uses in the medical treatments since its launch in the market for commercial uses in 1930’s. It is effectively used for the treatments of human male androgenic deficiency that is medically termed as andropause or hypogonadism, sexual dysfunction, menopause, chronic menorrhagia, endometrosis and many more yet to be mentioned. Its most popular use is as a prominent physique and performance enhancer amongst body builders and athletes. It has been considered as the safest and most natural anabolic steroid that an individual can opt for. It’s the first choice that is suggested for beginners.

Users’ guideline

The most common dose recommended for the users is 50-100 mg everyday or 50-100 mg every 2 nd day. The 3 rd day should be the absolutely minimum as it nears the span of propionate activity duration. It is generally injected intra-muscular provided the muscle is big enough. The most common injection site is buttocks, shoulder or triceps.


Over water retention levels
Increased blood pressure
Hair loss
Oily skin
Shrinkage of testicles
Decreased Libido
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