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Product Description

Boost up your body and muscle mass with Testosterone Enanthate 250

Testosterone enanthate, the altered form of male hormone testosterone can be used for increasing sex drive as well as body mass among the bodybuilders. This steroid is an androgenic steroid which causes the growth of male sex organ and helps to keep up with their usual activities. Fat distribution is also caused by this hormone injection which does not let the body store extra fat in a particular place.

This steroid comes in a form of an intramuscular injection. The active form of this injection is an ester form of 17 beta hydroxyl group that basically increases the activities of the steroid after injecting into the body. This steroid helps to retain water as well as nitrogen and calcium. It increases the growth rate among children. This also helps to shot up the RBC counts to store more oxygen in the blood cells in order to store more energy.


The standard dosage for testosterone enanthate is 100 to 200mgs in per 7 to 10 days. The dosage may be split to give on every 5 days. Sometimes the physicians also prescribe about 200 to 500mgs per week so that the steroid or the synthetic hormone can deal with the effects of the testosterone suppressive anabolic steroids. Some steroid users may also drag the dosage up to 500 to 1000mgs per week even. Usually 500mgs per week can be considered as standard dosage but 1000mgs may start different troubles or may even cause hormonal imbalance.

Side effects

Among the positive effects of testosterone enanthate 250 there are nitrogen retention, increased RBC count as well as increased protein synthesis which may help the users get more muscle mass and strength to hit the gym for hours. However the adverse effects can troll the bodies of the users also. AQndrogenic effects of this steroid may cause rapid hair loss among men, light-headedness, blurry vision, weakness or numbness on one side of the body which may turn troublesome at some point. Depression or unstable mental health due to overdose may also cause trouble.

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