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Use the purest form of testosterone with testosterone propionate 100 and enjoy the benefits of your rejuvenated energy

Testosterone propionate is the purest form of testosterone. The steroid or the synthetic form of male hormone had been developed long ago back in 1960s period from which it has been transformed a lot in recent years. This steroid is mostly used during the cutting phases of bodybuilding. Other than that, this steroid has also its usage in bodybuilding as well. People troubled with low testosterone hormone level may be administered with testosterone propionate.

Propionate is made of propionic acid ester bonded with the synthetic form of testosterone which has controlled the usability of the steroid in some levels. The alteration with the ester form has helped this steroid to work slowly but steadily to provide a permanent solution of the problems. This steroid also has strong anabolic and androgenic qualities which is relatively longer than the free form of original testosterone hormone.

Positive effects

People with troubles regarding the issues of low testosterone, sexual impotency and decreased libido, body fat, depression, decreased energy and mental confusions can be treated with this steroid. People troubled with Alzheimer’s disease, polyuria and heart ailment issues may also be treated with this steroid as well.


25 to 50mgs for 2 to 3 times a week is the primary dosage which may considered as standard for the patients or for beginners who have started using testosterone propionate for building up muscle mass. However, as the time passes the athletes can use the steroid as 50mgs on every other day to increase energy and stamina to enhance their performance level. The dosage can be exceeded to 100mg every other day for usual athletes but some of the elite body builders prefer to take that level far as 200mgs every other day as well.

Side effects

Such a strong steroid has a number of adverse effects which include estrogenic effects that cause Gynecomastia among the male users. Among the common androgenic side effects there are hair line reduction as well as lightheadedness, irregular heartbeats, trouble with breathing, aggressiveness and even confusion in some cases. Cardiovascular problems are something that should be attended by the doctors as soon as the users feel troubles with those issues because immediate attention to those problems can save both their lives and careers.

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