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Substance: Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate
Pack: 75mg 10amps
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Product Description

Description: Tren Max 1 is basically a hexahydro benzyl carbonate with Trenbolone that packs much more than normal Testosterone and is used all over the world as a specialists drug- the most powerful effective and anabolic steroid available in a market.

Functions & Traits: Being a subsidiary of 19-Nortestosterone, this steroid is nonaromatizing and blends exceptionally well with other steroids. The ester present in this drug makes it highly durable inside the human body and makes it usable over other veterinary hormone supplements.

Precautions to be followed while using Tren Max 1: Females should avoid this drug and pregnant or lactating females should completely avoid this drug. An elderly person should refrain from using it. Excessive use of this may invite kidney troubles, so following proper dosage is necessary.

Effects of Tren Max 1: When used in cutting cycle, this drug helps to retain and regain strength and repair damaged muscle tissues. This is most effective in cases where extreme training has started to bear fruit but only at the cost of the strength of vital muscles. In such phases, Tren Max 1 can work like a miracle in all positivity.

The dosage of Tren Max 1: Right amount of dose is the most important part and 50Mg to 100Mg per day is the range recommended by physicians worldwide. Any dose bigger than this, holds the risk of adverse effects; whereas lower than the correct dose may fail to have an impact at all.

Side Effects of Tren Max 1: Side effects of Tren Max1 include hair loss, enlargement of breasts, dark colored urine and facial acne. Side effect related to Progestin is highly probable in the case of abusive use of this product.

Tren Max 1 Administration: This product comes in injectable format only. So, medical supervision by a certified doctor is suggested along with a proper diet chart and Post Cycle Therapy.

Storage of Tren Max 1:  This product should ideally be stored at room temperature (20 -30 degree C), away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Buy Tren Max1: This highly effective product comes from renowned MaxTreme Pharma and available at all reputed online stores.

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